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Using Fire Pits in Direct Marketing

May 29 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Aaron Montgomery Ward mailed out the first mail-order catalog in 1872. This legendary example of direct marketing shows the advertising format at its most successful and useful. Flash forward to 1993 when the term “spam” was coined and you’ve got direct marketing at its least successful and most annoying. People who apply direct marketing tactics try to do it in ways that pushes a product without annoying others, but its massive use over the years has made it annoying by nature. No one wants another flyer, pamphlet, or email message that tells them all the great deals they can get if only they give a little bit of their time.

Direct marketing isn’t dead as a useful form of advertising to both customer and business owner. It’s usually used by smaller companies without strong brand ties. It’s a little people form of marketing. Lots of little people love fire pits. Lots of little people love food, shoes, T-shirts, pens, pencils, and other things that they may not know they love until they see them up close.

The fire pit is the important part of the last paragraph. It can be used to direct market anything you have to sell. Announce a free back yard fire pit get-together and then watch as everyone gets together. While they’re eating and enjoying the friendly conversation, slip a few flyers in their hands to say “Here’s something else I want you to look at.” It doesn’t even have to be all that direct. Do it in passing while you’re passing them another glass of wine.

The thanks everyone for coming out tonight speech can be filled with a few direct remarks about a local business that just opened. The napkins used for the evening can have the name of the business. The banners can have a “brought to you by” sign on them, just to remind guests who paid for the steaks and burgers they’re enjoying so much. Have a sign-in sheet full of emails so that businesses can say thank you by email. Don’t forget to add a pitch in the signature line.

Direct marketing doesn’t have to be annoying for the consumer. It can go straight to the consumer while the consumer is having a great time. No one complained about Mr. Ward’s catalog. That’s because it was awesome. With a little effort, you can make your direct marketing just as useful and fun.

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Direct Mail – Branding

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As marketing gurus know, direct mail is a time-proven method of building revenue and creating awareness. One very important part of direct mail is branding.

What is Branding?

Branding is a method of aligning your advertising, promotion and publicity in such a way as to create quick and clear recognition of your products and services, as well as building allegiance between the consumer and your company.
Broken down, this means that your font typeface choices, the colors chosen for your direct mail pieces and any appropriate photographs and logos must all coincide in the mailing, not just on your website. If you use strong, vibrant colors in your general marketing efforts, make sure your direct mail pieces reflect the same vibrant colors. You are trying to gain quick recognition when the direct mail piece invades the mailbox, allowing the customer to identify with a television ad, a website or other marketing literature that you have been promoting.
How does branding relate to direct mail?
As branding relates to direct mail, it is absolutely critical that the design of your direct mail material clearly mimic the look, feel and objective of the designs contained in your other marketing literature, your website and other company recognition pieces. Years ago, many people referred to this as piggy-back marketing, which is where one marketing effort builds upon another in order to give greater overall impact to your revenue strategies.
Why is branding so important?
By working on the continuity of your branding with direct mail, you are trying to capture and make the best use of past dollars spent on marketing projects. This means that you are making every effort to remind the people to whom you are marketing, via the use of color, logos and other methods, about your company and its ability to meet their needs. Simply put, if you do not brand your product, company, or service, people will not remember it.
An example of branding used in direct marketing:
One of our customers sells and distributes ornamental steel and aluminum to create intricate gates, staircases and other railings. Iron Age chose to reflect their branding not just with their logo and show room photos, but also with their mail piece – it is structured with what is called a “gate fold”. In this production method, the marketing piece literally folds and opens like a gate would on a driveway, mimicking one of their product lines. The reader would quickly be able to see not just the memorable logo, but also the very product line reflected in the design and actual structure that was mailed out.
Although much has been written about branding, it is surprising how many companies continue to “reinvent the wheel” by being overly creative and forgetting to interject the very cornerstone upon which they have built their advertising and marketing efforts.

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Direct Sales Marketing – A Plan to Making a Great Run at Direct Sales

May 28 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Direct sales marketing is not your traditional business type. It operates on targeting the clients directly. Usual television, radio and newspaper advertisements are set aside. Instead, promotional catalogues letters, fliers and road advertisements are used. This is direct advertising; message is sent straight to the clients and the message lets them take action. This is absolutely an interactive way of presenting opportunities for customers to directly interact with their sellers.

Direct sales marketing tips are handy and effective if applied correctly. Goal setting is one of the major things that one has to consider first. Recognize what you want to attain or accomplish, then set a deadline for it. Work on that goal and always stick on that so you will be reminded of what you are working for.

Another tip that you can be use is to sincerely believe and feel that what you are promoting is worthwhile. Your eagerness and passion can be felt by your client. When they feel that you know what your product offers, they will more likely purchase your product.

Third, be patient and be yourself. You will get some people to buy your product and some people that will reject you. This is reality; failure will always be there but you just ought to continue on doing what you are to do. Try to be yourself and be confident.

Other than that, act as yourself and don’t be somebody you are not. This will aid you to be comfortable and be confident. Never push someone to patronize your merchandise. People don’t like being imposed on what they need. If a person is not interested after an informative conversation, move on to the next person and don’t beg.

Then, make sure that you point out the value of the merchandise. Let your customers know why it is a necessity and how they can be gratified with it. The closing of the sale is very vital; you could get a yes or a no. Be cautious not to be demanding and allow the client to decide. In the end, it all goes down to how well you showcase the merchandise or the opportunity.

There are business groups that provide goods and opportunities straight to clients. This direct sales party provides client choices and freedom. A direct selling market allows clients to have access to manufacturers. The retailers surpass the distributors and goes directly to manufacturers.

Minor and middle businesses essentially make use of direct sales marketing. Applying the concepts of direct sales marketing and really working on the business could provide a great deal of assets and money returns. Opportunities are everywhere; it’s a matter of how you approach it and how you deal with things.

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Marketing Tips – How To Make It All Work For You

May 27 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

If you would like to know the reason why so many business owners are struggling to make ends meet, then you have landed on the right article. What most business owners don’t understand is that I they continue to do the things that haven’t been made profitable for them, then they will end up in an endless spiral to becoming broke. And this is something that I know you don’t want to happen.

So how can you get about getting more sales and profits on a daily basis? It’s simple, All it takes is a few minor tweaks on your behalf and you’ll be back into the game in no time at all. If you want to make fast cash in your business, then you should contact your existing customers.

These are the people who like you, wouldn’t mind hearing from you again, and are willing to do business with you again. Once you can establish a relationship with these people, you will start to see your sales and profits climb due to the fact that you’ve been following up on these people for a long period of time. And the next time you endorse something, these group of people will listen to you.

So even though you may be struggling right now, you have to keep the dream alive of running your own small business someday. One of the ways that you can “kick-start” your business is by offering something for free. It could be a free evaluation, a free report, a free CD, s free DVD, or a fee consultation.

No matter what you do, you still be using the free offer method to increase more sales. Not everyone will embrace the fact that they need help with marketing their business. But when things get down to the wire, marketing is what it’s all about.

To make your business work, you have be to a MARKETER of your products and services. This means that you may have to potentially know more about marketing than what it is that you’re trying to sell or provide. If this comes as a shock to you, then you should know that many people are baffled by it. But now that you know the truth, it should across as no surprise as to why you aren’t seeing the sales that you had hoped for.

Now that you know all about true marketing that works, you should go out and start making money from the outlets that I have provided. This is an obvious way to go out and start hitting the ground running.

You no longer have to struggle when it come to making more money when it comes to earning as much cash as possible in your business. Once you have the formula on point, you’ll be good to go when driving more visitors to your business when it’s time to selling your products and services.

Your products and services will do most of the selling for you – but only if you had someone there to do to do the marketing for you. Nevertheless, these strategies will help even if you a had a cute sportswoman analyzing your strategies.

Good luck with using techniques to take your business to the next level.

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Setting Goals to Achieve Success in Network Marketing

May 26 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

When deciding to write this article I consulted an online dictionary to see if any of their definitions of success matched my personal definition. Here’s the definition I found that I’d like to talk about in this article:

The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted:

According to this definition and to my own thoughts on success, success is based on our own goals and desires.

Network marketing can be broken into two pieces. Money is earned in network marketing through retail sales and through team building. It is these two pieces that make up the whole business.

As a network marketer you should have goals in both of these areas. I always cringe a bit when I hear some people state that their goals are financial. Income is the result of sales. I believe the goals should be sales based.

On the retail end of the business, set goals to bring in new customers, to up-sell to existing customers or to sell a specific product. These are realistic goals that allow you to measure success. If your goal is to find ten new customers per month, you can then develop a plan that will lead you to finding these people. If your goal is to sell a specific product, you can put together a marketing strategy specifically designed to sell this one product.

On the team building end most people like to set number goals. I just read a goal yesterday from someone who wanted their team to be four thousand people. While I love the optimism of the goal, it’s very hard to see success with a goal that size. Instead I prefer to see goals of how many people you’ll talk to in a weeks time. For example, you might set a goal of finding at least one person every single day that you can talk to about your business. In a months times that is thirty people you now have in your potential team member group.

Once you build up your potential team member group, you can then set follow up goals. You’ll contact one potential team member every day looking for those who are now ready to join.

Saying you want to earn a million dollars or saying you want a team of four thousand does not set you up to see success. When you change your desire or plan to something more achievable, you’ll see consistent success and your network marketing business will continue to grow.

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Get Better Results with Direct Mail – Make the Call!

May 22 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Over the past 50 years, American businesses have sent billions of pieces of mail with an eye towards growing sales. Everything from simple letters and postcards, to CD’s, three dimensional brochures and boxes of cereal have found their way into mailboxes across the country. Needless to say, billions of dollars are riding on the success or failure of these mailings.

What’s the key to success? Talk to them! The best way to guarantee the success of your direct mail campaign is to personalize it with a call, make it easy for customers to respond and measure the results. Campaign success is measured as return-on-investment (ROI) – or how many total sales were generated compared to the cost of the marketing campaign.

If you are running a long-term campaign, try testing your mailing on a small-scale first. When conducting a test mailing, decide how many pieces you want to send. Make sure you send out enough responses to accurately determine your response rate and the effectiveness of your message. A good rule of thumb is to test between 1,000 and 5,000 pieces to start. Your response rate will vary depending on your product, industry, target market and other factors. To increase the response of your mailing, you will want to pay attention to these factors:

Campaign Goal – What is the goal of your campaign? Do you want to build brand awareness, generate leads, or make an immediate sale? Once you have decided on your goal, determine how many responses you need to make the campaign successful and then track the results.

The Mailing List – Make sure your list is targeted at your actual buyers. Identify who your customers are, and build a list based on those criteria. What unique characteristics do your customers share? Are they business customers or consumers? Where are they located? How affluent are they? These questions are unique to your business and need to be answered in advance of the list building process.

The Offer – Having a good offer is one of the most important parts of the mailing. Whether it’s a discount, a free gift or rebate, the offer needs to be so tempting it is too good to refuse. Also, make sure the offer has an expiration date. Time and time again, it’s been proven that more people respond to an offer when there’s a limit on the amount of time they have to respond.

The Benefits – Highlight the benefits of what your product or service will do for your prospective customer. Don’t dwell only on the features of your offering. Focus on what your service or product can do for the customer: Double your sales performance; receive a 50 percent time savings; lose 10 pounds in 10 days. Try to quantify the benefits available to make them more concrete and credible. If you have an important, valuable benefit, you may also want to use it in the headline with the offer.

Lifetime Customer Value – Know what each new customer is worth. This usually boils down to understanding Lifetime Customer Value (LCV), or the actual profit (sales price less direct cost of goods sold) associated with each new sale. How often will a new customer purchase from you over the next two to three years. Multiplying these two numbers produces LCV. This is the maximum amount you can afford to spend to acquire a new customer.

Campaign Costs – Understand at the outset how much you need to invest in your campaign. Take the total cost of your mailing, including creative, printing, postage and labor, and divide that figure into the LCV. This will tell you how many sales you’ll need to make in order to break-even on the campaign.

Response Medium – Make it easy for your customer’s to respond. Provide a telephone number, fax number, email address or a Web site. Let customer’s contact you in the way they prefer. Adding a toll-free number to your direct mail piece makes it easier for a prospective customer to call and can double your response rates. It will also allow you to better track your campaign for messages and the effectiveness of your offer so the campaign can be fine-tuned along the way.

Personal Follow Through – For an even greater return on your marketing dollars, follow up your mailing with a personal follow up call. Many business lists include phone numbers for your target customers. Whether you do it yourself, or hire an outside company, recent studies show that a personal follow up call can increase response rates by nearly 50 percent. When calling consumers, though, be aware of the Do Not Call list.

Of course, the results produced by any campaign are dependent on the general economic environment, the market, the product, the list, the offer, and other factors.

So, if you have a product or service you’d like to sell, direct mail, combined with personalized services such as a toll-free number or follow up call, may be just the marketing tool you need to take your business to the next level.

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What Does Marketing Mean To You?

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Most people who start their own business have dreams of earning 6-figures a year or even 1 million dollars a year. But we all know that the statistics says a lot about these newbie business owners. The fact of the matter is that 95% of all new businesses will fail within their 1st year. That leaves only 5% of the successful bunch, and I’m sure that they are using non-conventional strategies to make money in their business.

So what are your hopes and dreams for your business? Are you looking to earn a nice salary of around $50,000 per year or more? Honestly, I think $50,000 a year is a good income to live on. But to make this salary, you have to think outside the box, and radically change your way of thinking about “marketing”.

What does marketing mean to you? Well to me, marketing is the promotion of a product or service in order to acquire a new customer or client. Marketing is NOT the promotion of your business name or slogan in order to get public awareness about what your company name is. Do you see the difference between the 2?

You see most business owners who run ads designed to get someone to call or go online, are a lot more effective than brand advertising. People don’t care about who you are or what your business name is. The only thing that they want to know is how you can help them solve their problems.

The products that you’re selling exist for a reason, and it’s this reason that you should be going after. Structure all of your ads talking about the most pressing problem of your prospects, and you will get a lot more response than an ad that only talks about you. You have to make the transition from brand advertising, to direct response marketing.

Now if you’re like most business owners, then you probably have no idea of what direct response marketing is. Direct response is the practice of generating a response now. There’s no waiting for next month to see results or “getting your name out there”. The minute your ad runs it should be pulling in leads for you immediately. This is the only kind of marketing that I do, and I suggest that you do the same thing in your business also.

If you want to make around $50,000 this year, then you will have to put direct response marketing into play. A clear example of direct response marketing is including a call to action at the beginning of your ad.

For example, instead of promoting your mission statement, tell your prospects what they need to do to get in contact with you. For example, consider writing something like, “Call 1-800-000-000 now to get your free DVD mailed out to you today!” This tells your prospect what to do, and what they can expect to receive by responding to your ad.

The bottom line is that you need response, and the only way to get response is if you offer a phone number or a website address for them to respond to. Don’t do brand advertising. Instead, leave that to the huge companies who have millions of dollars to spend on advertising.

Take these tips to heart and use them to propel your business today.

Good luck with marketing your business.

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Direct Response Marketing A Powerful Way To Supercharge Sales and Outperform Institutional Marketing

May 19 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Most business owners I speak to, either during my Masterclass presentations or when I’m consulting one-on-one, are aware of only one form of marketing – institutional marketing.

There are arguments for and against this method of marketing. For the record, I’ll state it has its place – if you’ve got money to burn!

So What Is Institutional Marketing?

This is the brand-led marketing that you see in magazines, or in any form actually. It can take the form of a picture and a quote and we’re supposed to figure out what the message is.

You’ll see big companies use this style of marketing. These companies are marketing their brand into our psyche so we recognise the brand and their associated products.

The idea behind this is that if we see the brand and products enough, they will become instantly recognisable. We then develop a confidence or certainty about them and the hope is that we will then purchase these products.

This kind of marketing is extremely expensive and it makes the design agencies and marketing companies a lot of money. However, is there any direct correlation between the advertising spend and the sales results?

The answer is NO. But, design agencies won’t admit it. In fact, many of them are more interested in winning awards for their designs than helping you win customers. There’s something very wrong with this and it bothers me! I hope it bothers you too – it should!

Here’s What Most Design Agencies/Marketing Companies Won’t Tell You About Your Marketing – It’s Not Working!

I was recently invited to a pre-launch meeting for a new nationwide small business initiative that is being launched in partnership with the Government and a well-known high street bank.

During the meeting there was a short presentation on marketing the initiative. The presenter began by explaining that they have agreed the branding and just completed the logo.

At this point I was really to leave the room!

Come on, who really cares about your logo except you?

During the next five minutes I had to listen to this drivel about how they were going to create awareness using various brand based activities such as posters, a website and a letterhead.

Not once did the presenter give any clear direction in terms of the two most vital elements of any marketing campaign – the target and the sales message!

Yet again, so much money wasted through paying these creative people to draw pretty pictures.

For the record, I am not saying design isn’t important. Of course, designing the look of your business is important. In the example above I’m making the point that a lot of money had been spent on creating the brand, but nothing had been done to identify the target market and craft a compelling message to create a customer.

So, What’s The Difference Between Direct Response Marketing and Institutional Marketing?

Simply put, direct response marketing crafts the message you wish to convey to your target market or existing customer. And, there is some form of response mechanism within the piece i.e. letter, advert, flyer, calling for specific action by the reader.

A marketing letter may ask the reader to pick up the phone and quote a specific code in the letter to get the special offer.

In other words, using this form of marketing allows you to accurately measure your results from a campaign. You can’t do that with institutional marketing.

The classic business phrase “if you can measure it, you can manage it” really sums up the power of direct response marketing.

In a nutshell, unless you have money to burn, you should only be running direct response marketing campaigns to drive your sales.

Here’s What To Do Next…

Take a look at your existing marketing. Do you know what is working for you? Can you clearly see where most of your sales originate from?

Can you see which advert provides the highest response and converts best for you?

If you can’t, and you’re spending a lot of money on marketing every month, then surely you must ask the question what is your return on investment? It can’t be good and frankly, you are throwing your hard-earned profits down the toilet.

At the end of the day, if you are unable to measure the effectiveness of your marketing, then your business is at risk. And, it’s only a matter of time before you feel the effects of this.

Do something positive and give direct response marketing a try. With a little testing, you’ll find your results are significantly better. Do the right thing and always use direct response marketing.

If you really don’t know where to begin, then email me and ask for a FREE 30 minute telephone consultation. You’ll be glad you did!

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New Marketing for the New Economy, Part 2

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Last week we talked about marketing before “online” became so popular: you know, high contact costs using print and snail mail only, geographic limitations, expensive advertising.

Then we chatted a bit about marketing in the early 2010 and prior period: websites equate to international clients and your business being open 24/7, low contact costs and instant responses, inexpensive and f.r.e.e. “advertising” – essentially, marketing utopia for the small business owner.

And then the latest recession came and businesses of all sizes and models started to flounder, if not outright fail.

It’s time to do things differently, truthfully, it’s past time and while many businesses have embraced some of these philosophies, it’s the sum of them which will guarantee sustainable success while maintaining sanity.

New Marketing for long-term success in the New Economy:

• Quality, not quantity, of relationships and connecting with clients as people, not revenue streams – leave ivory towers to the princesses

• Do business as if you live in a small town and everyone knows you and “your business” – that is with true integrity, integrity your great grandparents would be honored to see

• Extreme Client Care™ is NOT a “nice to have/do” – it’s a requirement, for yourself and your clients.

• Focus on profits and Extreme Client Care™ and the revenue will take care of itself

• Simplification, consistency and leverage in all things: your business model, your marketing, your positioning, your systems, everything

Notice what’s not included above:

• Blogging and podcasts

• Ezine and email marketing

• Direct mail

• Advertising

• Networking

• Affiliate marketing

• Teleseminars, webcasts, webinars…

These are simply strategies – the core concept, your business foundation has to be grounded for any of these to work. Without a full understanding of your vision, purpose and overall “how” for managing your business, there can be no success.

Make It Real: My Request To You

Are you ready to make a decision about your business (note that there’s no wrong decision here, simply the one which is best for you)?

• Do you want a business which will support your desired life goals or one to keep you busy? Either’s okay.

• Are you willing to be open and do things differently to get what you want? Or do you like the status quo? Either’s okay.

• Do you want to design your business (and life) or would you prefer to let it “happen” to you? Either’s okay.

These aren’t decisions or choices to make lightly. Take your time, think about them and go into 2011 with the confidence, inspiration and motivation of knowing “THIS is my choice and what I want, now to make it happen!”

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Pros and Cons of MLM Direct Sales Vs Traditional Job

May 17 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Have you ever wondered why most people in this economy continue filling out applications and sending their resumes to companies only to find that hundreds of people are applying for the same position, not to mention the daily rejection experienced? What about college students who continue to search for a traditional job even after they complete their degrees because they cannot find employment and very often end up moving back in with their parents to survive? Are there better options to having a traditional job? Let’s review the pros and cons.

The Traditional Job – Pros and Cons:

A traditional business structure is made up of a CEO, various levels of management and the rest of the employees below them. You usually have benefits such as a 401k, where most traditional businesses pay in a certain percentage and you put in the rest. Traditional businesses offer health insurance at a reduced cost to you and your family.

Other than that, I can’t say much more from a positive point of view, regarding traditional jobs. Due to the traditional structure, more and more people are looking for alternatives including working from home and having a home business. The current economy and increased insecurity of traditional jobs has fueled the growth of MLM direct sales.

When it comes to profits made in the traditional structure, the CEO takes the biggest cut of the pie and everyone else gets what is left. You learn pretty fast that you are at the financial mercy of the business. Fo example, if you are in sales, upper management and that CEO, will take the majority of the profits from the sale, that you just worked your butt off for, leaving you the crumbs.

You might get a yearly raise of 2 – 3%, if you’re lucky. Should upper management decide downsizing is order, you could very easily end up unemployed. Gone are the days of loyalty or climbing the corporate ladder and even working at one company for the duration of your career. Unfortunately, there is no job security and little to show for your commitment, passion and expertise except the unemployment line.

MLM Direct Sales Pros — Can’t Find the Cons:

Direct selling is huge because it’s worldwide and just about any product or service is available. Find your passion, set your goals and hire yourself. There are many really good MLMs to get involved with, do a little research and you will find the one that works for you. Deciding what you want, where you want to be financially and which MLM or home business is best suited for you is the first step.

I think it’s a no brainer to say; what the advantages are to working for yourself and being your own boss, compared to working for Mr. CEO.

There are so many great products and services on the internet, viewed by people all over the world. Working from home and having your own home MLM business allows you to live anywhere in the world and still be able to reach out to your identified target market. Direct selling is becoming one of the most profitable businesses on the internet today.

MLMs or Networking Marketing can offer you the ability to make a great living with residual income. There are many great MLMs that offer great training, great support and team work. Due your due diligence and use your common sense when making your decision about the MLM home business to choose.

A traditional job will never offer you the ability to think for yourself and will never reward you for your hard work. No more treadmills on someone else’s demands, no more alarm clocks or back-to-back traffic for your work commute. Think about it, why would you put yourself through that and never get the recognition deserved, respect earned or job security?

Some of you might be asking whether it would be wise to give up your day job in pursuit of an MLM home business. I would suggest you find your perfect MLM home business and keep your day job to start off. Most comp plans take time to build volume to secure a financial return that can replace your current income. You can start working your MLM to achieve your financial goal. Once this starts happening, make the decision to leave Mr. CEO. If you are in college looking for employment or fresh out with a degree, you have nothing to lose. In fact, you will find it is a great use of your time with a financial return.

More and more people are getting wise and leaving traditional jobs for the freedom to work a MLM home business and make excellent money. Finding the best avenue for yourself is not difficult and, in the long run, you will be rewarded with the kind of life you deserve.

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