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TiVo Is Just A DVR – How Direct TV And Others Packaged A Product For Success

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TiVo, the poster child of technological advancement for companies like Direct TV, is really nothing more than a middle-aged woman in a designer dress – with plastic surgery. The technology behind TiVo is really just a tweaked DVR, or digital video recorder. Other companies have it; but no other company has built as successful marketing package around their product as has Direct TV with TiVo.

What is TiVo, um, I mean a Digital Video Recorder?
Digital Video Recorders capture video in a way similar to old video recorders, but they do it digitally. Watchers can “pause and rewind live TV” because the speed and response time of DVRs, like TiVo, provide for a virtually seamless transition from live TV to recorded material. Based on user settings, up to 80 hours of television can be recorded. This can include your favorite show each week, or you can record everything you watch to make sure you don’t miss anything. Remember, every DVR can do this, not just TiVo.

The difference is the way Direct TV has partnered with TiVo and positioned it for success in the highly competitive market of satellite television and accessories. The true success of TiVo’s marketing strategy lies in the fact that many people believe it is a unique product.

With product lines in competitive markets, positioning and packaging is king. Direct TV touts TiVo in nearly every major marketing campaign they put together. They offer discount TiVo technologies to new customers who are willing to commit to a one-year contract. My guess is that if you have ever heard of Direct TV and seen any advertisement they have produced, you have been exposed to the TiVo name and features.

Have You Ever Heard of Tevas?
The three strap sandals that have come in and out of fashion over the last few decades are now known almost universally as “Tevas.” Chalk up a point for the company Teva that created and marketed their sandals extremely successfully. When was the last time you had jello (actually a name brand of gelatin desert), or used a Kleenex (trademarked name for a tissue)? Do you ask for a “Coke” no matter what flavor of soda it is? The list goes on and on, including the most recent tendency to refer to all DVR technology as “TiVo.”

What are you going to do about it?
If you own a small business or operate one out of your home, you might not be running your own unique product line. But if you do, what are you doing to package it and position it for success? Consider doing the following:

  • Name your product or service. It may sound silly, like naming your car “Betsy” or “Lechuga,” but a name is an essential part of successful repackaging. This is what TiVo did when they renamed their DVR technology. Rather than call it a car wash, try something like “Dirty Mike’s 15-Point SuperClean.” Maybe five years from now people will say they need a “superclean” instead of saying they need a “carwash.” Keep reading below for legal considerations.
  • Before you start using a new slogan or title, double check to make sure another company does not already own the trademark or copyright. The last thing you want to do (or pay for) when you own a small business is a lengthy legal process over something you could have avoided had you done the research.
  • Get legal protection for your products, names, and slogans. At the same time you are doing your research, register your trademarks, copyrights, and where appropriate your patents. Registering your intellectual property with the government will go a long way when it comes time to stop others from infringing on your company name or intellectual rights.

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New Mover Direct Mail For Pizza Restaurants – Secure New Customers For Life

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One of the major challenges facing small business owners is the ability to gain market share and capitalize on it. Since potential small business customers are typically located within close geographical proximity, traditional forms of advertising and conventional marketing strategies might not always produce the best ROI. To cut back on advertising costs and maximize returns, small business owners must research, identify, and persuade “New Movers” into their areas before it is too late.

Pizza Restaurants are the most common type of restaurant found in the U.S.

In fact, pizza has become the most identifiable food on the planet. If someone is out of the home and hungry, he is as likely to find a Pizza restaurant as he is to find the sun in the sky on a summer afternoon. The reason I stress this point is to highlight exactly how tough the competition in the Pizza restaurant industry is. Unless you are Pizza Hut or Dominos, you need to have better service, better products, competitive pricing, and a “niche” to succeed.

So how do you gain loyal customers before they are “sucked in” to the traps set by “The Big 3 Pizza Chains?”

It’s Easy.

Target the new movers who have recently settled in your area. With new mover pizza direct mail, it is possible to send menus, postcards, and letters welcoming them to the neighbourhood. What’s more, you will have the opportunity to publicize your pizza restaurant and offer incentives for the prospects to try your food. You will find that it does not cost you a lot to get the direct mail service or deliver a targeted ad to all of the new movers each month.

So how do you get a New Mover Mailing List?

The Comprehensive New Mover File is the largest weekly updated new mover database available in the market. Multi-sourced along with patent-pending technology, the comprehensive new mover file is comprised of the latest in telcom and deed sources, newly-built homes, and our postal tracking and intelligence technology. This list is available from printing companies specializing in New Mover Pizza Mailers.

It is very important that you know your local neighbourhoods well and try to establish good relations with all local businesses. When a new business moves in to town, bring them a free pizza and a takeout menu and watch your lunch hour grow each week! Welcome all new individuals, families, and businesses at the earliest time possible. Build relationships and build loyalty!

Using new mover direct mail services for pizza restaurants is the ultimate way to build relationships that will keep your business healthy for years.

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Network Marketing System – What You Need For Success

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The Successful Network Marketing System… Have You Found It?

The Network Marketing System, or “System”, as we like to call them in the network marketing profession have become the cornerstone to real network marketing success.

It’s true; every leader is always pitching their “network marketing system” as the perfect one. The one that is finally going to help you create the online success you have been dying to achieve. As a network marketer, you know how valuable finding the proper one is. But what do you look for while seeking the one that is best for you?

There are so many options out there to choose from, so, what’s the best one? That’s a really good question… The best answer I can come up with is that one network marketing system will work best for one particular company and may not be so great for another.

The fact is we live in a very diverse world. There is no one network marketing system that is perfect for any company. Eventually, it will be discovered that something is simply missing for the needs of a particular company where it meets all the needs and expectations of another. There is a lot of grey area in-between.

So let’s check out three important factors in what to look for in…

The Successful Network Marketing System.

The first one we’ll touch on is..

1. EASE OF USE – does it play nice?

Let’s face it, we all want things that make our lives easier. If we get bogged down with complexity, we’re bound to lose interest fast. Also, it’s very important that as we bring other network marketers into our organization and want to give them the proper tools for success, they will need something that has a short learning curve and most importantly, is easily duplicated.

A formula of successful duplication is key to any successful network marketing system. Without it, a new user is going to grow frustrated quickly. If they don’t simply give up and quit, they will start to do things outside of the proven success formula that will soon lead them to certain failure. They will lose valuable money, time and possibly respect for you if you are the one who got them involved with such a complicated system. Eventually, they will likely quit, and you will be at risk of becoming part of their new story about their experience in network marketing, and why it doesn’t work. Network marketing systems that have “Ease of use”, are integral to your success, your team’s success and ultimately, the success of your business.

While working in corporate America, I used a very well known “system” that my employer provided. The system had to be heavily manipulated in order to get the result I was looking for and to stay on focus with the company identity. It was a generic system that could literally be dispatched in any field of business because it was generic. It was simply a system, for the sake of having a system.

The creator of the system boasted of its versatility, and it really is when properly pre-setup. But leaving it up to each user to manipulate the system simply caused frustration. It was mandatory to use this system yet many employees would eventually decide to risk reprimand for not using it rather than trying to make nice with it anymore.

The next successful network marketing system factor is…

2. FOCUS – will it be consistent in branding – you?

This really comes down to the internal tools that the network marketing system employs and makes fully available to you, the end user. Is it directly focused on what your business is or is it generic? Will it assist you in specifically targeting the niches you are going after? Since we rarely have complete control over the system our company provides, does the system support your exact marketing focus? In other words, if you are selling product #1, does it provide support (i.e. pre-made templates, campaigns, etc.) specifically for product #1 or is it vague in its focus? And if your business has several products, will it do the same for each product consistently? Does it create and provide consistency with your growing brand?

And the third successful network marketing system factor is…

3. PRICE – will it drain your wallet before you can use it?

Does paying more for something necessarily mean that it’s going to be better? Let’s say you want to remodel your kitchen. You should always get at minimum, 3 estimates and always ask for references of each contractor. Often times, the higher priced contractor will be reluctant to give you their references yet they are the one to put on the most pressure to get you sign on the dotted line today to have them do the work. Why is this? Because quite often, they know that they have over promised and under delivered their customers. They have zero confident in the kind of recommendation their past customer may give.

All too often people think the phrase; “You Get What You Pay For” is gospel. So they go with the higher priced contractor thinking they are going to get the best work done, when the contractor who charged in the middle has created such a loyal and devoted customer base because of his superb craftsmanship, he realizes charging more, doesn’t always equate to more money. Having multiple referrals and repeat customers who really do the selling for him does. He knows exactly what his customers are saying about him and he happily gives you as many references as you would like.

Will you get huge value out of your brand new network marketing system at its basic level? Or will you need to upgrade in order for it to start assisting you to produce the desired results? This is a common problem found with many network marketing systems out there as well.

Often heard:

“Join our business for as little as $__.__ and use our high tech, industry leading network marketing system to catapult your business into success you’ve never thought possible!”

Within minutes of processing your payment you’re being told that in order to get the maximum results from the network marketing system you just bought, you will need to upgrade! Or you’re being pitched on four other money making opportunities to join which in turn, breaks the basic fundamentals of factor #1!

FACT: Your new network marketing system should be ready made to get you going and start being profitable quickly, at any level of entry. The only reason to upgrade would be to put you in a position to PROFIT EVEN MORE! It should be there as a tool to success and not a distraction from it. It needs to be simple yet full featured and allows you to focus on becoming profitable, NOT trying to figure out how to use it. You control it, not the other way around. The best network marketing system is the system that will be working for you even… when you’re not working!

If there was such a network marketing system that was very easy to use, maintained focus and consistently branded you, had a very low acquisition cost and could get you making money quickly? That would be one powerful network marketing system!

If you actually owned this system and other people wanted access to it so that they could experience the same benefits? But the only way they could, was to get it directly from you? Even if they didn’t join your network marketing opportunity, they could still get the system from you and you would still make money without them joining? Now that would be an extremely powerful network marketing system!

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Marketing Perspective

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Real estate has, and more than likely will, continue to be a relationship-orientated business, which leads many commercial real estate professionals debating whether if investing time and money into building their online presence is actually worth the effort.

My opinion is one that more than likely any transaction completed will be the direct result of the brokers interaction with the client, but providing value-added services for your clients, may help to not only strengthen an existing relationship, will also provide a resource for potential clients to want to use you to market their listings, as well as bring in new contacts.

This is why I believe a successful marketing strategy consists of many tools, and not all are cutting edge, though the ones who pick up on new social media tools may have a stronger relationship base in the next 10 years.

A year ago, and the year before, I wrote a “Marketing Observations” report for our Colliers office here in Las Vegas, which was my reflections on a marketing feedback survey I had sent out as well as one-on-one questionnaires I did with some of the teams. The results varied and ultimately what worked well for one group didn’t always work well for the next, but each tool did give some positive results to some individuals and teams.

While I won’t go into the specific details and listing of each and every tool now, the general topics I looked at were as follows:

Print Publications

I started with advertising in Print Publications; these included small local papers, magazines as well as regional, national and global newspapers and magazines. Having a solid campaign within your local market can be a real boon to your local awareness, as chances are, the majority of people within CRE industry we meet everyday read at least one of the publications you’ve advertised in. While this may not cause someone to buy a property, it does keep your companies name recognition prominent within the community.

Regional, National and Global publications are the opposite. In my experience people reading the Wall Street Journal will see an ad and inquire about it. Our office actually had a few transactions done by reaching out to investors in other states and even one in another country, both of which came from the WSJ’s property ad.

In my opinion, I see local publications, and maybe even regional publications as a means to keep your target audience familiar with your name through branding campaigns, while national and foreign publications can be a great way to actually gain new contacts and potentially move your properties.

Direct Marketing

I have always had a strong dislike of the term, as it reminds me of late night commercials and Internet scam sites. The truth is Direct Marketing should include sending collateral directly to clients and relationships you’ve generated. If you’re just grabbing a random email list or mailing list and sending out information, chances are you won’t get much of a response and people will dislike you. Remember, negative impressions last longer than positive ones.

Postcards, Flyers, email campaigns, cold calling offices in person and leaving your information with flyers can all be considered forms of Direct Marketing. The results of this are very dynamic, for example, while cold calling an office and offering tenant rep services in a down market, may result in a positive outcome, cold calling an office and trying to get a hold of the owner to see about leasing out one of his vacant spaces may prove more difficult.

Email campaigns seem to do the most for brokers though, as they can direct people to their properties web page (if it has one), their listings page, online profile if they’ve just changed brokerages, or inform other brokers who may represent a seller for their buyer. The other aspect is the cost effectiveness of a good email campaign, even with hundreds of emails multiple times a month, many services out there cost less than a penny per email.

If nothing else, emails provide a way of keeping you, your properties and endeavors in the eyes of those around you and work for not only potentially closing a deal, but also keeping you, the broker, marketed.

Press Releases

I’m a big fan of press releases. News is free and in my opinion it is the best way to get your self noticed and heard. While not everything you may have to say about your company or industry will get attention, it never hurts to have a write up on a new product type, service, or event that could potentially end up on the news stand, or in some cases, on the morning news.

While it may not generate a transaction immediately, gaining exposure is the number one means of meeting new contacts and finding potential leads. Again, the commercial real estate industry is a relationship-orientated business, the more people you know, the better your chances for success.

Social Media

I think technology scares a lot of people still, or at least they don’t understand enough about it to realize how it can help. Let me spell it out for everyone: Yes, what your 12-year old uses online, can actually help you build your professional network.

Now I’m not saying go build a MySpace page and expect to get your commercial retail space leased the next day, but what I will say is that social media provides an additional means of staying in touch with others as well propagating your information through the internet. With the way technology works now, information can be distributed quickly, instantly and easily, through the way RSS feeds work. You don’t have to understand the ins-and-outs of the technology, in fact you don’t need to know anything about it other than this: putting your property listing information, press releases or other relevant information online can allow you have this information replicated across multiple sites and seem by an incredible amount of people.

To get more specific, lets look at this site for example. Information from various news sites and Colliers is displayed here; people viewing this site see all of this. But, this information, this exact post, gets replicated over to Twitter (it’s OK if you don’t know what it is), which displays the post to people viewing that site. The post is also sent over to LinkedIn and Facebook (social networking sites, think MySpace, Friendster, etc). People who have this site on their friends list will view the post. In additional to all this we have the other sites users, viewers of the site, who have chosen to pull information from this site and have it displayed on their blog or website, which again gets distributed out to other sites. But it doesn’t stop there, because people who visit this site can click on the little icons below to “recommend” this site to social bookmarking sites (another type of social media news and information sites) essentially allowing anyone who views this post to “spread the word”. The amount of people seeing this post can continue to grow exponentially. That is what Social Marketing and Web 2.0 have brought us, the ability to distribute information without having to think about it.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This has always been a topic I believe people make much more complicated than it needs to be. The concept is simple, improve traffic to any website by making your site appear in search engines more often. Although this topic is simple in my opinion, I do believe many CRE sites over look it, as it requires someone with more technical knowledge of how search engines work and the best ways to make your site search engine friendly.

Getting down to the basics, SEO starts with simply creating a proper website that has content relevant to the key words and headings used for the description of the site. For example, Las Vegas CRE News has CRE content for Las Vegas and throughout the site are references to Las Vegas News and Las Vegas Commercial Real Estate (I’m simplifying a bit here). The next item takes place with what are called Meta tags, lines of code that are not seen by the user which tell some search engines what a site is all about, they provide key words and a description and ideally should use the same descriptors that can be found throughout the sites content. It’s important to note that due to so many sites improper use of Meta Tags, as well as blatant methods of Spamdexing (including unrelated key words and repeating popular phrases to make your site appear more relevant than it is) has caused many popular search engines to no longer index sites based on Meta Tags alone, or in some cases at all.

Next we move on to the website indexing, or rather, the inclusion of your site into search engines. While there are many sites that will automatically submit your sites to smaller search engines, to get your site listed within top companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft you need to look into manual submissions as well as the Open Directory Project, which allows users to submit there site to the directory and then a real person will look through your information to make sure it gets listed in the proper category.

Once a site is indexed, Crawlers (search engine tools that continue to look at and monitor websites) will continually view your site, which brings us to the final item in this very brief write-up, dynamic content, or simply put, Search Engines like to see content updated regularly as opposed to static pages.

There are additional items we can look at involved with this, such as the use of link backs, Wikipedia and, but we’ll look at those in a later segment.

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Strategies for Improved Insurance Sales Marketing

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There are many sales strategies available to an insurance agency, including direct mail, telemarketing, and Internet Marketing. In fact, the Internet has revolutionized the way in which we market and sell – including those in the insurance industry. With so many different insurance marketing strategies available, all designed to grow a business and increase profitability, an independent agent can begin to broaden his reach, increase the leads in his sales pipeline, and generate more money.

One strategy would be to have multiple, different sources of insurance revenue and lead generation instead of relying on just one. For example, let’s say the primary method for generating new business is through direct mail. If, for whatever reason, those postcards, fliers, or other forms of contact stop working how will that impact the business? It’s important to have an integrated strategy that combines all that is available today.

Consider other options like generating leads through the Internet with a website that is optimized for search and has a prominent call to action, space advertising, referrals, word of mouth, and joint ventures to name a few. Adding this diversification to a portfolio is good money management. Test other methods of marketing so that if one or more stops working, it won’t slow down the entire business.

Consistency is key

Doing SEO for a short period of time, or just sending one mailing, running one ad, or doing just one joint venture will not likely create the desired results. Marketing doesn’t work like that. Create an entire marketing plan and a marketing budget for six months, or a year, and stick to it. By creating momentum through structured efforts, sales and profits will start to roll in.

When any marketing methods stops working, go in another direction, change the approach – don’t just give up on your SEO efforts, or telemarketing, direct mail or advertising entirely. Do testing: for example, on a website, conduct A/B testing whereby the website features one type of call to action for a period of time, and then is changed to another offer, to see what works best. With a direct mailer, whether on- or off-line, do a series of letters to see what approach is more effective. The key is to be consistent and continually communicate with your targeted audience.

Sequenced mailings

In a famous marketing study done several years ago it was determined that over 70% of all people who respond to an advertisement will ultimately buy the product or service being offered. However, many of those people purchase the product or service from someone other than the original advertiser. This is because people buy when they are ready to buy.

Someone interested in a particular product or service, while wanting it, may not be immediately considering a purchase. This means that, at some point in time they will be ready to buy, and the company that gets the sale will be the one who stayed in front of them until they did become ready to buy. The important message here is to send a second, and even a final notice, as well as postcards or email letters to follow-up on leads. Doing so may result in the business getting some guaranteed sales.

Monthly newsletters

It’s far easier to re-sell an existing client than to sell to someone who doesn’t know and trust the company, and mailing a monthly electronic or printed newsletter can do this. Make sure to also enclose inserts about other products and services that are offered when doing a mailing. Remember, a good salesperson must re-market to their clients the same way they got them in the first place.

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