Pros and Cons of MLM Direct Sales Vs Traditional Job

Have you ever wondered why most people in this economy continue filling out applications and sending their resumes to companies only to find that hundreds of people are applying for the same position, not to mention the daily rejection experienced? What about college students who continue to search for a traditional job even after they complete their degrees because they cannot find employment and very often end up moving back in with their parents to survive? Are there better options to having a traditional job? Let’s review the pros and cons.

The Traditional Job – Pros and Cons:

A traditional business structure is made up of a CEO, various levels of management and the rest of the employees below them. You usually have benefits such as a 401k, where most traditional businesses pay in a certain percentage and you put in the rest. Traditional businesses offer health insurance at a reduced cost to you and your family.

Other than that, I can’t say much more from a positive point of view, regarding traditional jobs. Due to the traditional structure, more and more people are looking for alternatives including working from home and having a home business. The current economy and increased insecurity of traditional jobs has fueled the growth of MLM direct sales.

When it comes to profits made in the traditional structure, the CEO takes the biggest cut of the pie and everyone else gets what is left. You learn pretty fast that you are at the financial mercy of the business. Fo example, if you are in sales, upper management and that CEO, will take the majority of the profits from the sale, that you just worked your butt off for, leaving you the crumbs.

You might get a yearly raise of 2 – 3%, if you’re lucky. Should upper management decide downsizing is order, you could very easily end up unemployed. Gone are the days of loyalty or climbing the corporate ladder and even working at one company for the duration of your career. Unfortunately, there is no job security and little to show for your commitment, passion and expertise except the unemployment line.

MLM Direct Sales Pros — Can’t Find the Cons:

Direct selling is huge because it’s worldwide and just about any product or service is available. Find your passion, set your goals and hire yourself. There are many really good MLMs to get involved with, do a little research and you will find the one that works for you. Deciding what you want, where you want to be financially and which MLM or home business is best suited for you is the first step.

I think it’s a no brainer to say; what the advantages are to working for yourself and being your own boss, compared to working for Mr. CEO.

There are so many great products and services on the internet, viewed by people all over the world. Working from home and having your own home MLM business allows you to live anywhere in the world and still be able to reach out to your identified target market. Direct selling is becoming one of the most profitable businesses on the internet today.

MLMs or Networking Marketing can offer you the ability to make a great living with residual income. There are many great MLMs that offer great training, great support and team work. Due your due diligence and use your common sense when making your decision about the MLM home business to choose.

A traditional job will never offer you the ability to think for yourself and will never reward you for your hard work. No more treadmills on someone else’s demands, no more alarm clocks or back-to-back traffic for your work commute. Think about it, why would you put yourself through that and never get the recognition deserved, respect earned or job security?

Some of you might be asking whether it would be wise to give up your day job in pursuit of an MLM home business. I would suggest you find your perfect MLM home business and keep your day job to start off. Most comp plans take time to build volume to secure a financial return that can replace your current income. You can start working your MLM to achieve your financial goal. Once this starts happening, make the decision to leave Mr. CEO. If you are in college looking for employment or fresh out with a degree, you have nothing to lose. In fact, you will find it is a great use of your time with a financial return.

More and more people are getting wise and leaving traditional jobs for the freedom to work a MLM home business and make excellent money. Finding the best avenue for yourself is not difficult and, in the long run, you will be rewarded with the kind of life you deserve.

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