Setting Goals to Achieve Success in Network Marketing

When deciding to write this article I consulted an online dictionary to see if any of their definitions of success matched my personal definition. Here’s the definition I found that I’d like to talk about in this article:

The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted:

According to this definition and to my own thoughts on success, success is based on our own goals and desires.

Network marketing can be broken into two pieces. Money is earned in network marketing through retail sales and through team building. It is these two pieces that make up the whole business.

As a network marketer you should have goals in both of these areas. I always cringe a bit when I hear some people state that their goals are financial. Income is the result of sales. I believe the goals should be sales based.

On the retail end of the business, set goals to bring in new customers, to up-sell to existing customers or to sell a specific product. These are realistic goals that allow you to measure success. If your goal is to find ten new customers per month, you can then develop a plan that will lead you to finding these people. If your goal is to sell a specific product, you can put together a marketing strategy specifically designed to sell this one product.

On the team building end most people like to set number goals. I just read a goal yesterday from someone who wanted their team to be four thousand people. While I love the optimism of the goal, it’s very hard to see success with a goal that size. Instead I prefer to see goals of how many people you’ll talk to in a weeks time. For example, you might set a goal of finding at least one person every single day that you can talk to about your business. In a months times that is thirty people you now have in your potential team member group.

Once you build up your potential team member group, you can then set follow up goals. You’ll contact one potential team member every day looking for those who are now ready to join.

Saying you want to earn a million dollars or saying you want a team of four thousand does not set you up to see success. When you change your desire or plan to something more achievable, you’ll see consistent success and your network marketing business will continue to grow.

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