The Advantages of Direct Fit LED License Plate Light Replacements

For any popular product or application, there will usually be a huge list of the same type of products to choose from; one example would be when you are shopping for LED license plate lights. There is a plethora of products to choose from when shopping for these lights, but they can be quickly categorized into an LED bulb replacement, LED panel replacement, and direct fit LED replacement assembly. While one may have a benefit over another, it is generally accepted that direct fit replacement LED assemblies are the way to go and this article will explain why.

LED bulb replacements are simply a replacement of the factory incandescent halogen bulb with the LED version. These types of replacement license plate lights are simple to install and can be done relatively quickly; installation times usually vary between 5-15 minutes. They are also inexpensive upgrades costing less than the other two types. Since LED bulb replacements have to be the same size as the factory bulbs, there is limited space available for putting on a large amount of LED diodes to increase the brightness. Because of this, replacement LED bulbs are typically not as bright as their other replacement counterparts and easily overheat the bulb shortening the life span.

LED panel replacements are LED diodes on a specific sized circuit board that fits inside the housing of the license plate assembly. These are typically brighter than LED bulb replacements due to the larger number of LED diodes on the panel. Installation time is about the same as the first option above as well and the costs are the same, if not, a bit more. One large disadvantage that these lights have is their compatible with various housings; for some vehicles, the housing is open and can allow larger components to be installed and some only allow the bulb to be installed. Overheating issues are also possible.

The last category would be direct fit replacement LED assemblies. These lights replace the entire license plate assembly as a whole. Since these lights are a direct replacement, they can use a large amount of LED diodes which improves brightness and sufficiently ventilate it to prevent overheating issues. The lens is also better designed to accommodate LEDs to maximize output. Installation takes 5-10 minutes since it replaces the entire assembly and it plugs into the factory wiring. The only disadvantage that these lights have when compared against the other two would be the cost; direct fit replacement LED assemblies are typically more expensive, but the extra money is going towards a brighter and more reliable light.

These are all the key advantages and disadvantages of LED bulb replacements, LED panel replacements, and direct fit LED replacement assemblies. While each category has their advantages, the benefits of having a direct fit replacement assembly seem to outweigh the disadvantages. With the information stated, it is obvious to see that the direct fit replacement LED assemblies are brighter, more reliable, and much easier to replace than the other alternatives on the market.

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